Picky Painter



If you have valuables or fragile items near painting areas, I recommend removing them from the room if possible. Remove any pictures or shelves from the walls before I get there, and furniture should be a minimum of 6ft from the walls. If you have pets, please plan where you will keep them during the painting, we wouldn't want an paw print trails or hair on the fresh walls!

MOST walls do not need to be washed prior to painting (there are some exceptions, if in doubt just ask me when we're doing your quote!) because I will pole sand them prior to painting, and that knocks down the roughness and scuffs the walls for proper paint adhesion. I will fix minor knicks and dings with drywall mud if agreed upon, and use Low VOC professional paint (Cloverdale and/or Sherwin Williams) to assure nearly zero residual odour.

So really, there's another reason to paint and freshen up those walls instead of tireless cleaning!

Win, Win!

After The Work Is Done

* Most interior latex paint dries to the touch within about an hour, dependant on humidity. However, paint actually takes up to 30 days to fully cure!

* To speed up dry time, close the windows and turn on the air conditioning or run a fan.

* Bathrooms; if you can shower without water hitting the paint, you should be good at 24hrs, but make sure not to touch the walls if humidity is high or it will leave marks/streaks. Make sure to run ventilation fan for at least 20min after showering to avoid runs on the walls.

* Try to wait at least 24hrs before hanging pictures back up & faceplates. In conditions of high humidity, 48hrs is a safer bet! While the walls may feel dry to touch, photos and wall hangings apply angular pressure to the walls, and will mark/ding them.

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